AVN Members : Dr. Ordan Lehmann

My lab has focused over the last decade on studying pediatric ocular disorders as entry-points for identifying molecular pathways important to human disease. One area of interest has been coloboma, leading to a broader appreciation of the BMP signalling’s contribution to these pediatric disorders. A second has been Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, a pediatric glaucoma phenotype, where studies resulted in identification of novel phenotypes that include CNS structural anomalies, corneal vascularisation and most recently cerebrovascular disease (stroke). The clinical relevance is illustrated by recent identification of cerebral vasculopathy in some glaucoma patients, raising the possibility that perturbed brain vascular function may contribute to the progressive visual decline, previously attributed to optic nerve disease.

General approaches in the lab integrate molecular genetics and functional analyses with study of model organisms, and benefit from very productive collaborations with vision scientists at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, as well as further afield. We have continuous opportunities for highly motivated individuals with interests in genetics and visual neuroscience, who bring enthusiasm, independence and experience in molecular biology. Current research projects include: investigating candidates identified by next generation sequencing or GWA and generating mutants to define gene function; testing FDA-approved and novel pharmaceuticals in inherited ocular or cerebrovascular disease and determining the neural crest’s contribution to CNS disease.

Applicants wishing to work in a cross-disciplinary team who possess excellent writing and strong laboratory skills, are encouraged to apply by submitting their CV and 3 references to   olehmann@ualberta.ca


Formal Portrait 2 August 2013