AVN Members : Dr. Jennifer Hocking

My lab studies how photoreceptors develop and maintain their unique morphologies, which are specifically adapted to the reception of incoming light. Tissue patterning, interactions with neighboring cells, development of cell polarity, and proper cell functioning are all important factors in the establishment and maintenance of a particular cell size and structure. We use zebrafish as a model to understand both retinal biology during development, and the cellular changes underlying human disease. In our work, we create transgenic and mutant zebrafish and study their photoreceptors in detail using immunohistochemistry, confocal imaging, and electron microscopy.


Selected Publications:

Drummond, D, Cheng, CS, Selland, LG, Hocking, JC, Prichard, LB, Waskiewicz, AJ (2013) The role of Zic transcription factors in regulating hindbrain retinoic acid signaling. BMC Developmental Biology. 13:31.


Hocking, JC, Distel, M, Köster, R. (2013) Imaging the cellular and subcellular dynamics of neuronal development in zebrafish. Experimental Neurology. 242:1-10


Hocking, JC, Pollock, NS, Johnston, J, Wilson, RJ, Shankar, A, McFarlane, S. (2012) Neural Activity and Branching of Embryonic Retinal Ganglion Cell Dendrites. Mechanisms of Development. 129:125-35.