AVN Members : Dr. Daniel Graf

Daniel Graf is a Biologist trained in molecular and experimental Immunology, Developmental Biology, Oral Biology, and Genetics. He graduated from the Swiss Federal School of Technology Zurich and did his PhD and post-doctoral studies at the Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin, the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, London, and Biomedical Sciences Research Centre ‘Al. Fleming’, Athens, Greece. He led research groups at the BSRC ‘Al. Fleming’ Athens and the Institute of Oral Biology, University of Zurich. In 2014 he was appointed Associate Professor at the School of Dentistry, University of Alberta. For more than ten years his research has been focusing on the molecular analysis of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) signaling using functional genomics approaches. BMP signaling is instrumental for the development, homeostasis, and repair of most tissues, including all craniofacial tissues. Research on this signaling pathway should facilitate rational approaches for functional tissue repair using autologous tissue and/or stem cells. Dr. Graf has made numerous contributions to our understanding of BMP function in tissues other than bone, including the immune system, the brain, craniofacial development, and more recently the eye.