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Posts by Jennifer Hocking

PMEL mutations cause pigmentary glaucoma

A paper in press at Human Molecular Genetics (Lahola-Chomiak et al., reports the results of a collaboration led by Dr. Michael Walter, and involving the Lehmann and Allison labs. This work discovered the first causative gene for pigmentary glaucoma, a common subtype of glaucoma, which represents the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Dr.…

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Telodendria research from the Allison Lab

Telodendria are delicate structures that connect photoreceptor cells to one another and allow for information to be shared laterally between them. Despite their discovery in the late 19th century, telondendria are not widely known or well characterized in vision science. Nicole Noel recently studied these poorly understood features of photoreceptors in the zebrafish retina during…

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AVN Logo Contest

AVN needs a logo! AVN members, it’s time to get out your crayons. We’re having a contest and the winner gets a cash prize and will hopefully have their design displayed as our new logo. Due: Jan 10th, 2018 Send your logo to: Prize: $150 Please read these tips before starting: Logo tips  …

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Congratulations to Nicole Noel!

Nicole recently received an Alberta Innovates – Health Solution scholarship to fund her PhD research under the joint supervision of two AVN members – Dr. Ian MacDonald and Dr. Ted Allison. Way to go Nicole!

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Take Ophthalmology 601 this winter

This graduate level course is open to graduate students with an interest in the broad field of ocular genetics. Individual lectures will be provided as background to supplement the discussion of pertinent papers and topics. Each session will be led by a local expert (currently 8) and cover principles of ocular genetics, development, function, and…

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