Trainee Accolades

Rami Halabi (McFarlane Lab) AIHS Studentship
Darpan Malhotra (Casey Lab) AIHS Studentship, Vanier Canada Scholar
Katie Badior (Casey Lab) IRTG in Membrane Biology (NSERC) Studentship
Morteza Seifi (Walter Lab) AIHS Studentship
Grey Wilkinson (Schuurmans Lab) AIHS Studentship
Thomas Whitesell (Childs Lab) AIHS Studentship
Sonya Widen (Waskiewicz Lab) NSERC & AITF & WCHRI Studentship
Jamie Zagozewski (Eisenstat Lab) WCHRI Studentship
Curtis French (Lehmann Lab) HSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

Training Opportunities

There are numerous positions for trainees at Alberta Vision Net laboratories. Our PIs recognize that the only commodity in short supply is talent, and look for bright, self-motivated trainees, with novel ideas, who are interested in pursuing projects that may occasionally challenge conventional wisdom.

Available opportunities encompass the full range of model systems [zebrafish, murine to patients], with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary approaches. Candidates are encouraged to submit a thoughtfully written application, together with their full CV to: